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Classic Seduction

Rating: 72
Classic Seduction Review

Classic Seduction Editorial Review

At Classic Seduction, you'll find a different spin on what a Vintage Porn and Retro Erotica site might offer! They of course have all the vintage soft and hardcore porn videos, thousands of pictures and gigs of movie files! But they also offer a very interesting "non-erotic" tour of nostalgia, through news reels, sound recordings and historic trivia too! Classic Seductions will show you an indebt, insight of moral as well as social standards, of the eras which these fantastic ladies lived in! From the turn of the century ladies, who where terribly naughty for showing off their ankles... to the sex crazed eras, of the 1960's and 70's! Read up on some of their very enthusiastic and positive reviews from "Honest Porn Reviews" and "Adult reviews"!

There fantastic collection of classic porn, ranges from exclusive antique erotica, plus a substantial archive of 1950's and 60's Nylon Girls-next-door... to all the Hairy Babes, Catfights, Lesbians, Oral Sex, Spanking & Whippings, Beauty Queens plus Naughty & Dirty Magazines, Ads and Movie Posters! Also be part of very hard to find, porn material from six decades back too! Check out old Stag Films, all kinds of Strippers and Burlesque Dancers, Vintage Bondage and 1930's French Porn, Hippie Sex and German 1970's Hardcore, etc. All this stuff is fully downloadable, all for your complete entertainment and viewing pleasure! You can download as much as you want and they are yours to keep forever! You'll be absolutely crazy not to join this very exciting, very educational classic porn site... for only a low monthly fee of $17.95 or three months for $41.95 or six months for $65.95 which are auto renewed every 30 days, unless you cancel! The billing is very discreet, with no reference to this site, plus there are absolutely no hidden charges either!